Bea C. Pilotin

Bea C. Pilotin

Libras are a type of people you can learn a lot from. They are unapologetically themselves and radiate positivity wherever they go. Their lives have been full…

-Bea C. Pilotin

Jasmin Pilotin-Verzosa

And while I triple-lutzed the ink pen in my fingers, the world is silent and only the scratch and draw of my pen and ticking of clock mark the passage of time. The gravity of what’s happening around the world cast a long shadow over the many disparate thoughts. I…

-Bea C. Pilotin

Nina’s best friends: Mahal & Sugar

Today, August 26 has been set aside as National Dog Day- founded by the Author, Colleen Paige. The idea is to focus our attention on adopting dogs. In honor of this day, many of us look back at how our dogs evolved from feral wolves into our best friends.


Dear COVID-19,

We are holding so much in our hearts and minds. And it’s very hard to grasp what’s going on so deep inside us.

You struck fast and hard. Your spread around the world is scary, reaching 188 countries and territories at last count. Since then, we’re desperately scrolling…

NOVEMBER 17: National UnFriend Day

“I encourage you to cut out some of the friend fat in your life. A friend is someone you have a special relationship with. It’s not someone who asks which Harry Potter character you are.”- Jimmy Kimmel, November 17, 2010

I have been to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter since the…

Bea C. Pilotin

She’s a Qatar-based Filipino Author and Mogul-New York Influencer. Born in the Philippines. Studied at St. Paul University and at STI-College

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